Permit Management Solutions

Permit Management Solutions


Our Permit Management Solution is extremely well configured to meet the very wide variety of permits we process. We have found since offering a Permit Management Solution that no 2 agencies are alike. The business rules of each agency often vary thus what is a Beach Permit with specific business rules for one client may be totally different than a Beach Permit for another.


Our Permit Solution is currently utilized to provide for the following types of Permits:

  • Residential
  • Guest
  • Party
  • Temporary
  • Service Individual
  • Student
  • Beach
  • Contractor
  • Lifeguard
  • City Employee
  • Oversized Vehicle
  • Business
  • Fleet
  • Merchant


The options are limitless!


Our Permit Management Solution is 100% web-based, accessible and compatible with any internet browser and by using an assigned, unique username and password. The Solution is fully integrated with our Citation Processing Solution. A single login by a user will provide access to both Parking Citations and Permits. Our Solution can even prevent an individual from purchasing a permit if an open citation exists in the system. Of course, this is a business rule each agency elects to have in place or not. The choice is yours. Releases for the Permit Management Solution are targeted at the Client level. Because permit rules and processes vary so heavily, it is rare to offer enhancements that cover more than a single client.