Adminstrative Citation Processing

Data Ticket, Inc. dba Revenue Experts has been processing Administrative Citations since Revenue Experts’ inception in 2002. Our approach to Administrative Citations is far different then our approach to Parking Citations. The differences between the two extend far beyond just the face value of the citations and the manner in which penalties are applied. Our staff has spent years working closely with Code Enforcement Officers and Code Enforcement Agencies learning the process inside and out. This knowledge has helped us develop a thorough, efficient system that benefits our Code Enforcement clients. From firework violations to graffiti violations and from weed abatement to noisy animal and animal license citations, our staff and services cover all code enforcement citation processing needs. Our Administrative Citation Processing System provides the following services:


Data Entry Services – We provide on-site data entry services performed by a team of dedicated data entry specialists


Customer Service – We provide a full-service, bi-lingual customer service call center and a 24/7 bi-lingual IVR system that allows citizen to get general information regarding the citation process, specific information on a particular citation, and allows the citizen to pay a citation real-time; In addition, all customer service calls are recorded for quality assurance and can be emailed to our clients upon request


Adjudication Services – We provide a full-service adjudication department that handles all Adjudication Requests, including the use of certified mail. In addition, we work with Independent Hearing Officers to schedule and perform Hearings


Noticing Services – We provide custom notices for our clients that are sent daily, as each citation is ready to have a notice sent. The timing of notices and penalties is always dependent on the City’s requirements.


Online Access for Violators – We provide a web address for our client’s citizens, students and visitors to view their citation, appeal their citation, and pay for their citation, real-time


Online Access for the Agency – We provide a web address for our clients to view citations, view adjudication dispositions, and run online, real-time reports


Franchise Tax Board Collections – Data Ticket has been providing FTB collections in the State of California since 2002; this service allows our California clients to pursue collections beyond delinquent services with no upfront cost and a high return rate


Third Party, FDCPA Certified, Collections – Data Ticket is partnered with a third party collection agency to collect on citations that remain outstanding after the standard noticing and/or FTB collection process expires; Our partnership is unique in that all phone calls and written correspondence between the third party collector and the citizen is captured in our system and can be viewed by the issuing agency