Handheld Ticket Writers

Data Ticket provides handheld ticket writers that include single piece units, two piece units, and units with imagers. All units are loaded with our proprietary software that is menu driven to aid in the accuracy and speed at which citations are written. Because of the differences in processing of parking and administrative citations, Data Ticket offers software to accommodate both parking and administrative citations. The software can be loaded onto a single unit so the units can be shared between parking control officers and code enforcement officers.


On-site Data Ticket employees maintain all hardware and software as it relates to the handheld units, which allows us greater flexibility in offering customization to our client’s handheld units. The parking citation software loaded onto each unit provides for a chalking program, parking permit lookup process, and scofflaw reporting while the code enforcement software allows the officer to include a case number, responsible party information, and other fields specific to administrative citation issuance and processing.


Images may be captured at any time during the citation issuance to aid in capturing drive-off or other specific situations. When the citations are electronically transmitted to us via our FTP site or via email, the images are sent with the citation so the Agency can view the citations on the citation inquiry screen