Advanced Collection Methods

In addition to our Daily and Delinquent Collections, Data Ticket offers CA Franchise Tax Board collections and Third Party Collections to our clients who seek additional methods for collections.


Data Ticket has become an expert in submitting debts to the CA Franchise Tax Board. We have been providing this service for over 8 years and we provide online, real-time reports to track the program’s success. Weekly, Data Ticket consolidates debts owed to our clients, obtains a SSN, and submits debtor information to the Franchise Tax Board. In exchange, weekly, the Franchise Tax Board provides payment sheets to the issuing agency that are then reported back to Data Ticket to update the system. Data Ticket will provide all customer service as it relates to the FTB Collections. This method of collections has provided higher than average returns for our California parking and administrative citation clients.


In addition to FTB Collections, Data Ticket offers Third Party Collections via a FDCPA Certified Partner. This service is used in conjunction with FTB Collections for California clients, or as a standalone process for our out-of-state clients. We have partnered closely with our Third Party Collector so that each correspondence, whether written or verbal, is captured on our citation inquiry for our client to view. We find this process provides the client with a complete audit trail for each activity and communication with the responsible party.