About Us

Data Ticket, Inc. is a Certified, women-owned business and a Certified Small California Corporation founded in 1989 with a small team of dedicated individuals who realized they could make a positive impact on cities, counties and universities around the United States by actively focusing on collecting parking citations. Today, our team of 40 employees focuses on every aspect of citation processing to maximize revenue for our clients.


Data Ticket’s goal in 1989 was to collect delinquent parking citations that were considered uncollectible by our clients. These citations ranged in age, dollar values and information. Data Ticket’s founders believed that a substantial number of these citations were collectable and should not be written off due to their age, value, or for any other reason. After a period of success collecting these citations, Data Ticket began to grow by seeking out daily, or new, citations that had been issued by an agency but either didn’t have a registered owner or had not yet been noticed. In addition, Data Ticket began to seek out those agencies that simply wanted to obtain registered owner information and do their own processing. These businesses, too, began to grow as our clients began to increase their revenue, gain confidence in our DMV lookup, hold and release processes, and began to see significant value in pursuing parking citations quickly and efficiently.


With the parking citation-processing system running smoothly, Data Ticket’s founders began to spend time thinking about the similarities and, more importantly, the differences between parking citations and code enforcement citations. In 2002 this thinking led to the launch of Revenue Experts, which focused solely on processing administrative citations. This business, much like Data Ticket, quickly grew as cities and counties realized administrative citation processing could be outsourced if, and only if, the city or county could work closely with the processing agency.


In 2008, Revenue Experts became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Data Ticket, Inc. Today the company is proud to have over 200 clients, nationwide, for whom we pay close attention to detail to all aspects of citation processing for both parking and code enforcement citations.